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I _____student or employee of Bellevue College have experienced or know of someone who has experienced racism, discrimination and differential treatment on campus. I stand in solidarity with BC United to ensure our campus is a safe, fair, equitable and represents students interests. I support the Students’ List of Demands.

Bellevue College Students United, DEMANDS:

This is a living document to acknowledge student and employee unresolved grievances with discrimination, racism, oppression and differential treatment.

1. Direct Communication of all Safety & Security Issues: Transparent two-way flow of channels from board to students specifically for hate crimes.

Initiate on May 18, 2016 and Complete by May 20, 2016.

    1. Example: President Dave Rule’s email excluded Muslim, Arab and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) student communities - the targeted group of recent hate crimes.
    1. All students of targeted hate speech must be informed to the student body immediately and the school’s response and decided action in a timely manner.
    2. Students of targeted hate speech, and/or their representatives, must be consulted and meaningfully included in meetings, organization of workshops, emails, and all other planning of responses and actions.
    3. The input of students targeted by hate speech, or their representatives, must be contacted through appropriate channels by the relevant administrators in a timely and documented manner. This process shall include formal communication to the affected parties leadership teams as well as to the Associated Student Government (i.e. Club Presidents and Program Coordinators).
2. Immediate action to ensure the adequacy of Public Safety Officers and public safety information to address safety threats on campus.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by June 27, 2016.

    1. There shall be appropriate numbers of Public Safety Officers and patrols as decided by students in consultation with Public Safety officers.
    2. All public safety officers shall have mandatory training and testing on cultural sensitivity, and as well as the Clery act to ensure when issues come up they have the proper training to handle these cases.
    3. Inclusion of students and underrepresented student populations in both communication and planning for all safety related incidents.
    4. Publicize and make visible public safety information and concerns/incidents around campus and maintained scheduled and timely updates.
3. Student representatives shall serve on the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRST), and BIT team to represent the students and include a student viewpoint to these issues.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by June 27, 2016.

    1. At least three student advocates with at least one of these advocates being a first year student.
4. Immediate end to the racism, discrimination, differential treatment and retaliation against students, faculty and staff for speaking out against systemic racism, Islamophobia, and homophobia/transphobia.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by September 19, 2016.

    1. Implement an annual/new employee training for all staff members on the definition/practice of aggressions and microaggressions.
    2. Personal statement of commitment against racism, discrimination and differential treatment from all current employees and new employees.
    3. Quarterly attestation by organizational teams for a discrimination, racism and differential treatment free environment.
    4. Solicit feedback from faculty going through tenure to ensure equitable treatment and opportunity to stop using the threat of not granting tenure as a tool of coercion.
    5. Assessment of the use of adjunct faculty versus the need for full-time faculty. Stop the over-use of adjuncts and hire full-time professors so that professors do not fear lack of employment for speaking out.
    6. Stop all intimidation tactics not otherwise specified.
5. Immediate action to address the fact that the Jewish Student Union was shut down due to death threats and making it safe for Jewish students to convene to be rechartered as a student organization.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by September 19, 2016.

    1. Meeting with Jewish student leaders about next steps.
6. Implementation of a Zero Tolerance Policy to Racism, Discrimination and Differential Treatment.

Initiate May 20, 2016 and Complete by September 30, 2016.

    1. Those who participate in hate speech, discrimination, racism, etc. regardless of position in school structure (Board Member, Administrative, Staff, Student) shall be subjugated to these consequences with a Zero Tolerance Policy.
      1. Leave without pay
      2. Mandatory Sensitivity Training
      3. Expulsion
      4. Apology
      5. Reporting to oversight authorities and relevant community agencies.
      6. Possible legal consequences pursued by the college.
    2. All allegations, accusations and complaints shall be reported and recorded in an centralize database from various administrative processes and include an anonymous hotline. All reports must be fully investigated by an independent and impartial party. Suggest that this resides with the Office of Equity and Pluralism.
    3. Resolution must fully address the offended party and obtain the agreement of the offended party that the issue has been resolved providing a safe and inclusive environment.
7. Restructuring of responsibilities, authority and policies of food services, campus space, finance and other operations involving Student Program operations, activities and events. These groups shall not be charged for rooms to host events, including cultural events.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by August 31, 2016.

    1. Dismissal of identified staff for discriminatory and differential treatment of students of color, religious beliefs (including anti-Muslim actions), and for violating Bellevue College’s affirmation of inclusion and Sysco’s diversity initiative.
    2. Shift the identified areas to be under the management of Student Affairs to delineate between student funds/affairs and school funds/affairs to ensure students are independent in governance of these resources and students’ interests are served.
    3. Address immediate issues:
      1. Jurisdiction and priority use of campus (i.e. public) property;
        1. Dedicated room and large room reservation priority for prayer and reflection.
          1. Allow Muslim students access to a specific room(s) for daily and Friday prayers. Muslim students shall be provided and allowed to have items relating to prayers.
        2. Do not rent specific campus space to public parties until the shortage/occupancy needs of the departments and students are met.
        3. Expand school core hours for internal use to include Friday and Saturday.
        4. Solicit other student group grievances on use of space. Example: The Cross-Disability community.
      2. Food offerings and services alignment with students’ needs;
        1. Lower the cost of food, including but not limited to;
          1. Cease charging for utensils.
          2. Provide affordable pricing on all food offerings on campus.
          3. Eliminate profit margin on all foods provided by the cafeteria.
          4. Provide campus low-cost full lunch packs that include water, fruits, vegetables and sandwiches.
          5. Pay-it forward transactions available for purchase which help fund Bellevue College’s Food Pantry.
          6. Remove first-right of refusal from Food Services Contract. Allow students and faculty to source lower cost and food options that meet their budget and dietary needs.
          7. Implement the Associated Student Government Food Proclamation.
          8. Terminate Sysco contract if demands are not met in a timely manner.
      3. Resolution of student program/club issues related to event planning.
    4. Student representation in all administrative policy and decision making that impacts students.
    5. Recurring meetings between the ASG Vice President of Student Affairs & Pluralism and Student Club and Program leaders for information sharing, reporting out and representation of student concerns.
8. Priority hiring of qualified faculty and staff at all levels who represent the diversity of the student population for the purpose of having a balanced and culturally aware administration.

Initiate June 1, 2016 and Complete by September 30, 2016.

    1. Approximately 50% of the enrolled students are ethnic minorities and there are an additional 1,700 International students, while there is only 24% of BC employees of ethnic minority backgrounds. There is a high percentage of students who identify themselves as LGBTQ.
    2. Hire professors from ethnic minority groups and those who identify as LGBTQ, including LGBTQ people of color.
    3. Consult and meaningfully include ethnic minorities including people of color and LGBTQ (LGBTQ people of color & ethnic minority) employees and students in hiring practices.
    4. Provide us and make transparent demographic statistics and trends for faculty and employees recognizing diversity factors in comparison with student population on the public facing side of the Bellevue College website.
    5. Provide the college campus with regular progress reports for current openings and results of hiring towards diversity representation goal.
9. There must be at least one student member on the search committee for all Deans and Directors, Associate Deans and executive positions.

  1. Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by June 27, 2016.
10. Fair wages and equitable treatment of faculty, full-time and adjunct with a focus on retaining faculty that are highly rated by students.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by September 19, 2016.

    1. A living wage and equitable pay for all staff and faculty, including adjuncts with a progress report showing BC meeting this goal.
    2. Review of process and procedure for tenure track for subjectivity and groupthink.
11. Make diversity services front and center on the campus in regards to but not limited to funding, resources, easy access and visible locations.

Initiate May 20, 2016 and Complete by June 20, 2017.

    1. The Office of Equity & Pluralism shall retain all the staffing resources and location it currently holds on campus.
    2. In addition services such as Multicultural Services (MCS), TRIO, and other support services dedicated to serving underrepresented populations shall also retain and be a focus for increased funding, resources and staffing as well as be located in visible and accessible locations on Bellevue College campus.
    3. Furthermore these demands for resources, staffing and accessibility shall include the office of Title IX who shall be granted the capacity, resources, and funding to provide support for a campus of over 34,000 students. The degree of resources, capacity, and funding levels shall be decided in consultation with Bellevue College’s Title IX officer and the students of Bellevue College.
12. Divest from investments that support and perpetuate known acts of racism, discrimination, oppression and socio-ecological issues.

Initiate by May 20, 2016 and Complete by November 8, 2016

    1. Provide a transparent list of Bellevue College investments.
    2. A strategy and plan of action to divest from those identified to be in conflict.
Example: Direct our state lobbyists to change the laws requiring investment in private prisons before and during the next legislative session (January 2017).

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