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To Mr. Bradley Bell & The B&B writers,

We are the “The Hope Supporters/Hope/Lope/Lope's fans, have came together & agreed that it is time to do a petition. Also we want to give you all our feedback of the current story line. In short, we feel that the current story line is very degrading to women at all ages. Its degrading because the storyline is about women keep fighting over and chasing the men on the show. ITS PATHETIC!! Also, it shows the wrong message to our impressionable and young youths. We don't want our daughters to be like the character; Steffy Forrester, she is being idolized in this show and given everything she wants w/o a little karma coming back to her. Hope never did anything to Steffy to be destroyed for sport and we are tired of seeing hope miserable and moping over Liam. It was entertaining in the beginning but now the love triangles has gotten old, We are tired of Liam waffling back & for the between the two girls. If u r going to keep this Steffy with Liam then find another guy for Hope because its very disrespectful and it is rehashing the bad blood between Brooke & Taylor. Also, this is making Hope very emotional & has no life w/o Liam. When she has so much to live for, she used to have friends, Where are they now?

Real women these times does not keep pining over a man that doesn’t know what or who he wants. If Liam was a real man, he would know how to protect his woman that he love by opening his mouth instead of having a dumb look on their faces. When Liam doesn’t know what he wants it frustrates the viewers at home incredibly!!!! The writers really destroyed his character, now we want him to man up and change into a strong man that knows what he wants and stands by his decision. We understand that Liam's character wants both parents in the house for the child but that doesn’t mean he has to sacrifice own happiness to be obligated to Steffy. Co-parenting works in real life and it would be really impressive if you could convey a successfully co-parent family on B&B. Don’t you know that kids can tell when their parents aren’t really in love and their baby will eventually learn that his/her father felt indebted to be with Steffy. So it has to be a reason why B&B has written the storyline like this because something might happen to their child. Will this means Hope & Liam will have their chance to see if they can be without all the manipulations and lies? If so, Liam and hope does get back together, his character needs to completely change.

Another thing we are unhappy with the writers having Brooke portraying as a wimp when it comes to handling Taylor. Its unfair hoe Taylor always lashing out at Brooke and she isn’t allow to have any come back lines. That leaves us Logan’s supporters/fans at hove very frustrated. We feel that the writers let Brooke leaves herself open to be attack. We would like to see Brooke throws Taylor’s past in her face sometimes. The writers can have Brooke say... “Why are you keep blaming me for what Ridge and Stephanie did? Ridge is The one that left you for me, I wasn’t the one that was marry to you. Also why you never get in Stephanie's face? She was the one that kept getting involve and trying to force Ridge to stay with you. Don’t you get it, Taylor? I was the one that he wanted not you and you need to talk to someone about this. This is making you very bitter and thinking that my family is trying to hurt your family.” The writers can also have Brooke bring up the fact that Taylor killed Darla while she was driving drunk and Stephanie has protected her Or the fact that Taylor has been with everyone that Brooke been with. Or better yet, Brooke can bring up the fact Taylor been with all the forresters men including Rick. We all think that would be a lot more interesting to watch than Taylor bullying Brooke.

A lot of us viewers are disgusted with this Bill and Brooke storyline, HOW LOW CAN U GO? Now she is pregnant with Bill's child. This is so degrading and insult to women. You having Brooke looking like hussy all her entire life on the show. Why cant Brooke be dynamic? It's as if you throw Brooke under the bus to support Taylor's bitterness. If the writers want to use the “Brill” storyline, it could have been better. We love to see Bill helping Brooke with the Bedroom Line. What happen to that story? Have Brooke change, especially knowing Stephanie forgave her. Instead you've made her pregnant with her sister's baby at 50 something years old. Brooke already did a story line like this. We are extremely tired of the writers recycling story lines. We all like to watch the show and we are demanding B&B be original with ideas. Not using ideas that have already been done for years. We want to see creatively ideas, have fashion competitions.


My first idea is:

Brooke finds out the pregnancy test was wrong she is not pregnant. then Brooke, Bill and Katie can think of some ideas to get the bedroom line back on track. For instance, have Hope as the face of the Brooke's bedroom. Hope will be the young version of Brooke that would bring in more sales while Steffy's intimates line sales going down.. While Carter still looking into who is ripping off The Forresters fashion house. He would find out something more interesting; such as, Brooke & Eric are the majority of the stock holders. They finds out that Brook and Eric has 40% each. Bill still has his 12.5%, & Ridge has 7.5% therefore Steffy & Thomas shares are voided. They gets fed up & start their own fashion house.

My second idea is:

Have Alexandria and RJ comes back w/vengence. They are stalking, tormenting, humiliating, & threating Taylor by tampering her car brakes. They are doing things that cause Taylor have a relapse. She starts drinking again.

My third idea is ..

Bring back Sheila, I know she is dead but she was very exciting to watch. Also bring back Massimo, Nick and Jacqui back


Bradley Bell.. This show is so boring now and degrading. We do realize its a soap opera & drama is essential but there is more to drama than everyone bed hopping. We miss the originality & the fashion show downs.

We called this petition & gathered all of these signatures in a few weeks with the sole purpose to prove to you that a lot of people agree & feel like the quality of the story line must improve. We are taking a stand & boycotting until the show improves. Get rid off these love triangles, and stop showing Hope being bullying.

Havent you noticed the ratings down for the Liam & Steffy scenes?


Thank you for your time..

The Hope/Lope/Logans Supporters & fans.




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