Bayport Venue Not Suitable for 20,000 cars

Lisa Smith Voos
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During the past 9 years the Suffolk County Girl Scouts, Inc. has not been able to create a safe and effective traffic control plan during the holiday season. It is time to move the Holiday Light Show to Camp Sebago in Yaphank and save our streets of Bayport and possibly lives. Dear Yvonne Grant, President & CEO Girl Scouts of Suffolk County Although we realize the Holiday Light Show is an important fund raiser, it also creates major stress for the residents of Bayport due to the dangerous traffic jams. This year some residents were unable to access their homes as late as 10:30 pm. The light show remained open past closing hours so even if residents planned to not return home during operating hours, these hours were not respected. Montauk highway was extremely dangerous and affected not only Bayport residents but all drivers traveling through Bayport. South Bayport residents are also affected as many drivers use Middle Road as an alternate route to Montauk highway during the Light Show Rush Hour. Even if the operating hours were respected, and the 30 day event was shortened; Bayport is simply not suitable to handle this highly publicized fundraiser which draws larger crowds every year. Therefore, we are requesting you move the 2013 Holiday Light Show to Camp Sebago in Yaphank. Camp Sebago is clearly more suitable to handle this volume of traffic than Camp Edey in Bayport.





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