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I hate UML and all it stands for. When doing anything with computers, as with maths or anything else that actually has a point, there is a set right and wrong way of doing something. But not with UML. Oh no, there are several ways of drawing a UML class diagram. I hope that by getting enough signatures on this petition, we can persuade the inventors of UML to redesign it so that there is a FIXED CORRECT WAY of creating a UML class diagram instead of (what I have found so far) 23 DIFFERENT \'CORRECT\' METHODS EACH OF WHICH PROVES THE OTHER TO BE INCORRECT. I have spent the last week trying to learn UML but I have yet to master its illogical, time consuming backwards design. If the UML people would put a tutorial online saying the exact right way to draw a UML class diagram, I will be happy. Currently I have read 3 books, 34 different online tutorials and degree level university guideline notes. Yes. 63 pages worth - nothing. This petition holds no purpose other than to fulfill my person satisfaction. By signing this petition hopefully we can establish a reasonably correct way of designing a class diagram that is recognised as being correct by all third parties. Thankyou for your time.


This potition is sponsored by Cheerios. The wholesome start to your day. By arranging your Cheerios into a 3 - 2 - 1 layout you can build a mini Cheerio pyramid. See the logical order there Do you know what a UML diagram would look like for Cheerios Neither do I. And neither do the inventors of UML or Nestl


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    Sep 11, 2015
    Sep 11, 2015
    In my university class we are expected to write from a UML class diagram before writing our own programs and, consistently, the UML is the single largest waste of my time. It's not even readable English! For example, if

    -MINUTES_PER_DEGREE:final int = 60


    private static final int MINUTES_PER_DEGREE = 60;

    Why not just that? The +/- makes sense being first, but then putting the final int after makes no sense and some systems don't even allow the use of "final" in UML at all.

    If it's supposed to represent plain English UML has completely failed and the more I work in it the more I hate it. If all the time I waste is wasted in UML what's the point? If everyone has a different idea of UML syntax I find myself asking and waiting before I can do anything at all!



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