Ban The RSS(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh),In The UK

Dal Khalsa UK SINGH
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This petition has been created to urge the UK Home Office/Govt to ban the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh),in The UK along with its associates and splinter groups under the Home Office as a proscirbed terror group This will help stop the RSS from gathering funds from the UK in the name of charity and goodwill of the British people.When in reality this money goes in to use for genocidal activities within India agianst minorites - Sikhs,Muslims,Christians,Dalits and other.We demand from the Home Office that this group which promotes itself on the ideals of Hitler and believes in his pure race ideology in the form of Hindutva - Hindu Hindi Hindustan be banned from a democaracy such as the UK,this petition aims to air the voice of the UK various peacelovng communities who do not want Britain or its terrortories used by the RSS for any reason. (RSS UK funds in detail) ALL ARE ASKED TO SIGN ALONG WITH ANY COMMUNITY/RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS AND GROUPS YOUR SUPPORT IS A MUST IN ORDER FOR ACTION TO BE TAKEN ANYONE CAN SIGN FROM ACROSS THE WORLD



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