Ban shared water supplies in UK

Susan Baldwin
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Do you have a shared water supply, is it failing due to tree roots, chalk or other deposits Does the water company want to charge you many thousands of pounds to replace it or make it virtually impossible to find another way to get a new pipe If so please sign my petition to end all shared supply pipes in the UK and make the water companies pay for the replacements. My own water supply is shared with two other households - we all have noticed a severe falling off of the flow and pressure, in my case I cannot get hot water unless I collect bottles of water when I can and then boil it. Thames Water want to charge me 20,000 pounds for a pipe and connectors either end and then I have to get a plumber (approved by Thames) to connect the pipe to my home which was estimated at another 1,000 pounds. Moling under ther neighbouring homes was refused by one of the neighbours so I am stuck with Thames.


Surrey homeowner seeks to get shared water supply pipes outlawed.





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