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Ban Porn Now--Once and for all!

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Let's try to get as many signatures as we can to ban pornographic images and sites once and for all! What happened to the 'olden days' where the ADULTS had to rent them from the video stores? Or the adults had to buy the magazines from the stores? Or how about the real olden days when if a movie had a 'bad scene', it'd play at midnight and only people 21 and older were aloud inside. Now, its at the simple click of a button, for goodness sakes! This petitions aim isnt only towards the sites themselves, but to put away the sick people who created it, as well. To eliminate it. To distinguish it. Do you really want children watching that kind of animosity? Because thats what it has come too. Not only adults are watching these disgusting videos are browsing through those graphic images, its children. Starting from the ages of 7. Seven years old. At that age, children shouldnt even know what that is! Yet, due to this damn invention, a couple clicks away and there you go. Its sickening. Did you know that child pornography is the fastest growing criminal segment on the internet? That is a multi billion dollar industry? Or how about the fact that these children are forced to do so because they were kidnapped? How would you feel if your daughter, brother, niece or nephew was abducted and forced against their will to such an act? Pornography is a disgrace to all of humanity; a chance to show that what women are willing to do and that men can mistreat and abuse women so disgustingly and that the women ‘enjoy’ it? How does this make any sense in the eyes of our children? What does it teach them? Porn is just a few clicks away. It’s everywhere. You can’t avoid it! It’s on TV, its on billboards and posters and it’s on Google images when you type in ‘Map of Europe.’ Nowadays, a movie isn’t good unless it has some sex in it. It isn’t funny unless it has some crude, inappropriate innuendo or comments in it. Even PG is starting to get inappropriate. Bride Wars, anyone? The point is that we can’t get rid of it all, but the least we can do is try. Try to get rid of the easiest way to fool around with yourself. Now please. Please, I beg you. Let’s unite and ban this indecency once and for all.

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