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Banning Plastic

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When you go to the beach and breathe in the fresh air you think it's just pure nature, untouched. But when you look closer there's a lot of rubbish. There's rotting bodies on the shoreline and plastic everywhere you look. We caused this. We have to stop it.

Plastic came in as a revolution. We saw that it was cheap, efficient and lightweight and took it without a second thought. But because we didn't take that second thought that caused a huge toll on nature. Look in your house. How much plastic do you have? 5? 10? Probably way more than that. Take that second thought right now about plastic. It might seem fantastic but what can it do to nature? We're hurting the ocean and it's our fault.

When you drop rubbish and it's never picked up it'll eventually go to the ocean. Plastic takes decades to decompose. But it gets worse. When it decomposes in water, it creates micro-plastic which after time turns into nano-plastic. This is worse. We can't pick it up and it gets into the skin of fish, affecting the whole food chain whatever eats the fish will get sick and probably die.

So next time when you go to the shops use reusable bags. Buy recyclable bottles and use reusable packaging. When you see rubbish on the floor, pick it up don't leave it. Imagine how much of a change this will do! If you sign this the world will thank you. There's nothing better than that!

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