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Subject : Egypt VS Algeria in sudan In the name of Fair Play, in the name of Human Rights, in the name of Justice... What the Algerian supporters did in Sudan was against all of this, unethical, and inhuman. Before the match: They stormed the field and destroyed the bus which had the Egyptian National Team. They also sent death threats to the players and Egyptian masses. After the match: They stopped apprehended the Egyptian buses that were heading to the airport and attacked Egyptian civilians causing severe damages to the buses and permenant injuries to a lot of people, to the point that some were forced to leave the buses and run for their lives, and take shelter in local homes. This was by no means fair play nor was it a fair game at all. We demand an investigation by the FIFA in what happened on that day. We don't want a recalculation of the match scores or anything, we just need action to be taken against the Algerian team by the FIFA, and at least its disqualification from the World Cup and revoking their membership. Thank you.




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