Ban Horns Maniac from the FOF Forum

Brandon Sanders
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50 Signatures Goal: 100

UPDATE: We will keep this up for the time being, as requested, just to make the point that we will not be shackled by this invader of our forum. I will keep sending the signing and comments to Blackie. He thinks the board started with him. Our history before him means nothing. Does this tell you anything about his character \"The truth is, Jim, you had no reason to harbor any resentment towards me and therefore you went way over the line with what you said. So as far as I am concerned you have lost all of my respect as a man, and I don\'t think any more highly of you than I do the man who was living under the overpass on the freeway, whom I gave 1.00 this morning on my way into the office.\" Sometimes in life, someone so foul that the mere mention of their name makes you physically ill crosses your path. Sometimes these trolls, for lack of a better term, invade a place renowned for its quiet restraint and humble posts. HornsManiac Grizzled Veteran - through dola-posting Member # 1619 (we only have 2055 members) Registered: Nov 2001 Posts: 952 (136 posts a month - I guess the Maniac world is a little slow right now) A few great quotes from HM: posted 11-26-2001 05:40 AM - \"Somehow I got on the bad side of most of the posters here. Oh well, I couldn\'t care less at this point.\" posted 05-17-2002 11:15 AM - \"This may hurt, and I am sorry, but most of us no longer give a rat\'s ass about anything or anyone affiliated with this site including the administration, the sponsors, or the games it was intended to promote.\" posted 05-30-2002 07:27 AM - \"It is part of life that all things living will eventually die. I am not going to lose sleep over this board.\" About HM: Blackadar - Set ignore=HornsManiac devaneyfan- We just need to ignore his posts and he\'ll go away. Senator- Has anyone ever seen Dolamite and HornsManiac in the same room Just a theory. Solecismic- HM, you may have noticed I never respond to your posts. HornsManiac is the scourge of a nation. Hated domestically and abroad, he ceases to realize his lack of self-importance. This petition has been designed to ban this human imposter once and for all, backed by the good people of the FOF forum. The time to act is now, as he has become a cancer on our community that must be excised before it can grow to cause more damage and wreak more havoc.


This petition has been sponsored by: Heterosexuals against HornsManiac. Gays against HornsManiac. Transexuals against HornsManiac. Texas Football against HornsManiac. Animals against HornsManiac. The deceased against HornsManiac. The unborn against HornsManiac. Aliens against HornsManiac. Jews and Mulims United against HornsManiac. Exterminate HornsManiac - BRING PEACE TO FOF.

Links - a site that officially has no relation to HornsManiac. - has no record of HornsManiac attending. - a book written about HornsManiac - HornManiacs own personal website. - A website developed with HornsManiac in mind.




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