Make the purchase of fast food meals and/or products illegal.

brandon byrne
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Fast food meals or other products or extremely dangerous to an individual's overall health and have played a major part in the obesity epidemic that has plagued the United States. It does nothing to improve our culture or improve the way we are observed by the world community. It has miniscule nutritional contents and is, in a health view, a simple belly filler. Nothing more, nothing less. The mistreatment of farm animals that are harvested for fast food meals is a dispicable, disgusting truth few people even know about in our country. In reality, fast food corporations do not care whether you enjoyed your meal; they care if you gave them your money. Also, the constant barrage of fast food advertising makes it virtually subliminal, as you literally cannot go five minutes while watching a show to not see a fast food advertisement. We hope that you see and consider our points of view on this issue and hope that you come to your senses and ban fast food from being sold or bought.




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    Brandon Byrum United States
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    Brandon Byrne United States
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