Ban mainland China from U.S. Digital Assets

Jason Locashio
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Whereas, A large majority of online digital asset theft originates in regions of the People's Republic of China, and other regions, and

Whereas, online digital asset theft is a multi-million dollar industry, costing U.S. citizens both valuable time and money, and

Whereas, online digital asset theft, being a drain on the U.S. economy, represents a form of passive terrorism on American citizens, and
Whereas, the principal asset vendors have done nothing satisfactory to curb this problem and shown no real incentive to change,

Therefore, we, the online community of the United States, with conviction and determination, do hereby petition our government to act on our behalf, and enact legislation to embargo any and all countries and/or foreign interests that engage in, or allow, the theft or unauthorized confiscation of digital assets from U.S. citizens or businesses, whether for profit or non-profit use. Signed,





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