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Remove Fear Instilling Brita Ads From Television

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The commercial in question. http://www.youtube.com/watchv=RRQls4ot3l4 A table sits with a glass of water. In the distance you hear a toilet flush. The glass empties as a toilet would. Then fills back up. The woman goes to take a sip. The caption says, "Tap and toilet water comes from the same source." What motives other than to instill fear did this advertisement have Below, is my ongoing correspondence with Brita. Feb. 4, 2007 "WHY is it that your current commercials are geared to place potential customers into a state of fear "Tap water comes from the same source as your toilet." We are not a third world country. Our water is cleansed before it is sent to our homes. Yes, there were instances such as Walkerton ON where the water was not fit for human consumption. Your product doesn't filter out ecoli or any other HARMFUL bacteria. So stop leading potential/established customers to believe so. The marketing department for this organization is nothing more than a bunch of FEAR MONGERS. Perhaps your commercials will work south of the border, but this is Canada. So 'smarten' up. Sincerely, Tanya Park" February 5, 2007 "Ms. Tanya Park Reference Number: 4803621 Dear Ms. Park, Thank you for contacting us about Brita. We always appreciate hearing from our consumers. As you can imagine, advertising is an integral part of our company's operation, and we devote a great deal of time and research to it. The objective of any Clorox Company advertisement is to provide the consumer with accurate, useful information about a product in a manner that makes the message memorable. On those rare occasions when there is disagreement about an advertisement's content or impact, we appreciate the feedback we may receive from our loyal consumers. Such feedback is always kept in mind when reviewing future advertising. Again, thank you for contacting us. Sincerely, Marie Mendez Consumer Response Representative" Feb. 5, 2007 "Thank you very much for your prompt FORM LETTER. I believe I saw it in a Business Communications Text somewhere. If another response should come my way, I expect that it will be another FORM LETTER. But, as a consumer I have come to expect that kind of communication from organizations such as this. Please note, that your consumers are actual human beings and that they do have minds of their own. Perhaps your company would benefit from having employees with these same characteristics. Your response did not answer a single question I had asked. It is said that you devote much time to market research etc for your advertising. Perhaps you're not doing enough. Your target markets are not bumbling idiots who are going to believe any buzz words you throw their way. You say that you want your advertising to be memorable. So, the fruits of your research showed that putting consumers in a state of fear was the most effective way Scare tactics are best left to the military not to a company just wanting to turn a profit. So, I do thank you for your promptness in replying, but how about next time some actual content If my "feedback was actually appreciated" I wouldn't have received such a cold, and bleak reply. Sincerely, Tanya Park" Feb. 6, 2007 February 6, 2007 Ms. Tanya Park Reference Number: 4803621 Dear Ms. Park, Thank you for contacting us about Brita On Tap System - Chrome. We always appreciate hearing from our consumers. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this problem may have caused you, and we will forward your comments to our marketing department. We certainly hope you will continue to use and have confidence in our products. Again, thank you for contacting us. Sincerely, Marie Mendez Consumer Response Representative Consumer Services Feb. 6, 2007 "Thank you once again for a prompt response. Yet again, NO content. I do realize that I am probably corresponding with a front line agent. For that I am sorry that this organization has put you in such an awkward position. I greatly appreciate that this is going to be sent tot he marketing department. Failing that, I will mail my questions and opinions with a petition to have these commercials removed from the air. Please do not underestimate the feelings of the mass public when it comes to these commercials. Sincerely, Tanya Park" SO........ feel like signing It is the opinion of the following individuals that the current Brita commercials and advertising tactics are insulting. Insulting because they attempt to do nothing more than place potential/current customers in a state of fear. Fear that they will not be "healthy" without their product.

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