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Ban Bikini Coffee

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Allowing girls to serve coffee in their bikinis is unprofessional, morally wrong, unsafe, and a health risk. These coffee shops need to get rid of the bikini dress code and cover up the girls that are serving coffee. I have decided to boycott these coffee shops and suggest you do the same. People go to coffee shops to order coffee not to see a young girl parading around in a bikini. I drove by one the other day not knowing what it was and it didn't make me want a cup of coffee. Instead it kinda made me want to throw up. One of the girls had a bikini on that was very inappropriate. To put it nicely, when she turned around there was very little covering her back side. I was very upset especially since my husband happened to be in the car. He turned his head quickly to avoid seeing it but caught some of it since we drove by unexpectedly. There have also been instances of girls serving more than just a cup of coffee. Other coffee places such as Dutch brothers and Starbucks serve their coffee professionally with people fully clothed and have made a good profit without exposing the female body. If these coffee shops feel they can't make money without exposing female bodies they need to move their shops to better locations, make their coffee better or close their shops down. They think they are selling coffee but what they are really selling is the female body. This should be illegal for them to do. They are sending a bad message to girls everywhere. It is not right to use your body to make money selling cups of coffee or anything else. Its basically a form of prostitution since they are using their bodies to sell cups of coffee and are receiving a paycheck for their work. By allowing this they are actually turning away customers too. As a mother there is no way I will take my girls or allow my husband to go to these coffee places. I also know of several people who have said they will not stop and buy coffee with their sons in the car. Many people are offended by these places and their locations. This is also risky for the girls serving the coffee. The boys or men who choose to go to these places are most likely looking for more than just a cup of coffee. There have already been girls fired for serving more than coffee too. More of this is going to continue if these places are allowed to expose the females. Some guy could decide to stalk them or wait until closing and follow the girl and rape them or worse. By exposing themselves they are bound to cause negative attention. If you have ever wore a bikini or saw someone in one you know that they don't always stay in place. If the girls have to adjust their bikini and then serve the coffee this produces a potential health risk to the customer. It is possible that people will receive cups of coffee that are unsanitary. It is also possible that they will see more if the girls outfit doesn't stay on properly. People should feel comfortable when they get their coffee. This will cause customers to feel awkward not comfortable. I read an article that said some of the people who go to these coffee shops are females who want to support the young girls in their communities. It also said that this was possibly for fashion tips. In Washington it has been 40 degrees or less. Actually last night it was only 19 degrees. In this cold weather my question is "Who needs bikini fashion tips" If they want to help girls/women with fashion they should be wearing scarves, hats, gloves, jeans, sweaters, jackets, and boots. They need to wear these items and leave their bikinis at home. I could sit here for hours and give you many other reasons why this is wrong but most of you probably can think of them. I hope you will choose to sign my petition and boycott these bikini coffee shops and tell your friends to do the same. Thank you for your help.

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