To get the government to stop banks charging to cash checks written on their own bank.

Bradley Flinn
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Our government now allows banks to charge fees for checks drawn on their own bank. As a person living in a free world I don't feel it is right that banks should attempt to extort money out of me for accepting one of their customers checks. When I accept a check I am providing them a service by not making the person who holds the account at that bank give me cash. I then have to take time out of my day to cash that check, so I fail to see how that bank is doing me a favor worth charging me money. I take checks based on trust in both the person writing the check, and the bank that the check should be as good as cash. This is a fine way to pay us back for letting the government use our tax money to bail them out. If it is not stopped now things will only get worse over time. So sign this to help stop the government from letting banks do this, and the next time you take a check from a person who uses one of those banks kindly ask them to add the fee to the amount of the check.