Ban Use of Public Airwaves to Broadcast Hate Speech Against African American Children/Women & Provoke Black-on-Black Murder

Billie Stoker
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This petition will be sent to: President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Congress, Edith Ramirez, Chairwoman (FCC), Julie Brill, Commissioner (FCC), Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Commissioner (FCC), Joshua D. Wright, Commissioner (FCC)
WE THE UNDERSIGNED, hereby petition President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress to urge the Federal Communications Commission to exercise the authority given to it by the U.S. Congress and ban any and all broadcasting media from using public airwaves, including but not limited to the internet, which provoke Black-on-Black murder; which transmit hate speech against African American children and women; and which meet the three-pronged test for obscene language.
Legal Definition of Hate Speech - Hate speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence. It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the like. Hate speech can be any form of expression regarded as offensive to racial, ethnic and religious groups and other discrete minorities or to women.

Obscene Broadcasts Are Prohibited at All Times
Obscene material is not protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution and cannot be broadcast at any time. The Supreme Court has established that, to be obscene, material must meet a three-pronged test: 1) An average person, applying contemporary community standards, must find that the material, as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest; 2) The material must depict or describe, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by applicable law; and 3)The material, taken as a whole, must lack serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. 

Taking into consideration both the legal definition of "hate speech" and the prohibition of obscene broadcasts, the lyrics in the songs shown below: 1) unequivocally meet the three-pronged test for obscene broadcast; 2) unequivocally provoke black-on-black murder; and 3) unequivocally broadcast hate speech against children and women of African American descent.

CAUTION: These lyrics and videos are violent, vile, and vulgar. They have been incorporated into this petition for three reasons: 1) the lyrics are accessible for our children to read at any given moment; 2) the videos are accessible for our children to view at any given hour; 3) your reading the lyrics and viewing the videos will give you firsthand knowledge as to how our village children, youth, and young adult are being piped to prison, and undergoing operant conditioning to murder/expect to be murdered,

If you decide against reading the lyrics and/or viewing the videos, please scroll down and SIGN PETITION.


As I creep, picture every human that I seek
Slabs of human meat
Cause my kids gotta eat
I lives kinda deep, dark, up in tha cut
Where niggas load nines, and barrel-fuck a slut
Nigga, what? You ain't even seen me in my prime
Eatin' baby brains, baby veins, baby spines
I know they be cryin' when I'm cuttin' off the neck
I'm peelin' off the skin for some bacon-fried croquettes
Baby villain spine, that baby-killin' mind
A fifth-pound of gin cause I know I'm doin' time
So catch me now before I do my next crime
My kids' gotta eat, somebody's baby's on the line, nigga
Guess what daddy's bringin' home for supper
Nigga nuts and guts and slabs of human meat, motherfucker
Now eat! Cause daddy's workin' hard for you, real, huh?
Killas run around everyday that's why I'm hard for you, nigga!
Now eat

 "... Yeah

I murdered all of my foes
Contract killing
Twenty k will get ya grandmamy
Pinned to the ceiling
Midst of the war
I p&ss on graves
Kids get grazed
By my p&ss poor ways
Never could imagine it
Livin with paralysis
Shoulda check ya rearview
Made a better analysis
Wack yayo caught him slippin
While he snort dust
Cold blood bullet hit him
Like a tour bus
Check the time on my movado
My jazzy b&tch a mulatto
With n&ggaz pay me the model
Swede louis on my feet
Still runnin the street
And I never missed a heartbeat
Songwriter(s): Andrew Harr, Jermaine Jackson, William Roberts
Copyright: Trac N Field Ent. Llc., Universal Music Corp., Sony/Atv Songs Llc, Notting Dale Songs Inc., Notting Hill Music (uk) Ltd., 4 Blunts Lit At Once
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"Heidi Hoe"

Whatup BITCH? I'm Petey Wheatstraw
And you don't stop, with the heidi heidi hoe
Hi hoe, or bye hoe, if you're lookin for a sucker
(What are you?) I'm just another motherfucker
Pucker your lips, do flips like Mary Lou
Just because I fucked you doesn't mean that I'ma marry you
Bury you, I will do, after, I bill you
Kill you, hoe, cause your shit smells like mildew
Pe-ew, think you need some soap and a rag
Or better yet Black, Flag, you scallywag
Tag, I didn't mean to diss dis... hoe butt
But you need to stay such, do not touch
Much disrespect goes out to you
And your parents, too, for havin you

Heidi Heidi Hoe, huh, the Heidi Hoe
All the niggaz know, yo the Heidi Hoe, c'mon
The Heidi Hoe, hah the Heidi Hoe
All the niggaz know, that you're a Heidi Hoe

(Now bring it back brotha)

Careful to catch a tiger, after you catch a tiger
you can catch a hoe, there's your hoe, kiss a hoe, fuck a hoe
Diss a hoe, I'm Petey Wheatstraw from the Southside of Chicago
Hablo ingles? I don't know espanol Joe
I can go the line plus a hundred like Flo Jo
Homo's a nono, so faggots, stay solo
I roll my dick so it holds just like a Rolo
Total recall, yeah I see y'all
I see you, I see you're a freak too, so peek a boo
I'm prickin you whether or not, took you out that's work see
So get your skirt see, and bitch, dirty
Curtsey, dosey-do out the do' slut
This is what I come on, so slut you better grow up
Slow up, you forgot your earrings here take em
Salami beef and ham with the asalaam alaikum
Like that hoe (that hoe) that hoe (that hoe)
Dabba-da-dat, it's like that hoe


Sittin on the dock of the bay, I say hoe
Say hoe?! (Hoe!!) Do you know, do you know?
Bo knows this hoe blows much much dick
An undercover trick, a toe a tac a tic
Naked at, frick-a-frat, plus her puddy wat
C'mere k-k-k-k-k-k, yo c'mere you little puddy cat
What, your booty black is so indespicable
You squaw-pie, tack-haired, motherfuckin jiggaboo
You can suck a dick or two or three or four or mo' here
But first get curlin iron burns off your forehead
My nigga Coe said, that you're an around the way girl
You're fuckin everybody around the way, and been all around the world
And you still can't find yo' fate
But you had a couple of babies I mean a Bunch like Brady
The lady is a tramp snake hoe yo and all of that
Fuck her sixty-nine you get the eighty-six and don't call me back
Your black ass bunion
There's a party in your mouth BITCH, and everybody's comin
"Bow Down / I Been On"
I’m out that H-town
Coming, coming down
I’m coming down dripping candy on the ground
H, H-town, town, I’m coming down
Coming down dripping candy on the ground

[Verse 1]
I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don’t forget it, don’t forget it
Respect that, bow down bitches
I took some time to live my life
But don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted
This my shit, bow down bitches

Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches
Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches
H-town vicious , h-h-town vicious
I’m so crown, bow bow down bitches


I been on, I been on, I been on
Tell me who gone take me off, take me off, take me off, take me off

[Verse 2]
Rolling high, leather and Louis
Keep it trill, that's what good
Kiss my momma, show that love
Pop them bottles in that club
I heard your boo was talking lip
I told my crew to smack that trick
Smack that trick, smack that trick
Guess what they did, smack that trick
Gold everything, gold ass chain
Gold ass rings, gold ass fangs
You could see me stunt when you turn and you scream
You could see me stunt when you turn and you scream
I’m bigger than life, my name in the lights
I’m the number one chick, ain’t need no hype
The capital b means, I’m ‘bout that life
The capital b means, I’m ‘bout that life

I been on, I been on, I been on
Tell me who gone take me off, take me off, take me off, take me off
'Cause I been on

I remember my baby hair with my dookie braids
Frenchy’s, Boudin in the parking lot
Shout out to Willie D
I was in that Willie D video when I was about fourteen, looking crazy
Shout out Pimp C
You know we used to sneak and listen to that UGK
Didn’t do your girl but your sister was alright, damn
In ya homeboy’s Caddy last night
Hold up, Texas trill
H-town going down, man

3 Peat - Lil Wayne
"...I might go crazy on these n&gg&s
I don’t give a mother&&&k
Run up in the n&&ga house
And shoot his grandmother up, what!
What? I don’t give a mother&&&k
Get cha baby kidnapped
And ya baby mother fu&&ed
It's Tha Carter III bit&h,
Better put ya supper up
Hollygrove, I throw it up,
Like I'm tryna lose my gut
F&&k  his up, beat him up
Like a million upper cuts
Got a million duffled up
For the f&&k of it

Sh&t, get on my level
You can’t get on my level
You will need a space shuttle
Or a ladder that’s forever
However I’m better
If not now, then never
Don’t you ever fix ya lips
Unless you 'bout to s&&k my d&&k

PLEASE SIGN PETITION T0 Ban Use of Public Airwaves to Broadcast Hate Speech Against Women/Provoke Black-on-Black Murder


I Stop Violence Ministries Inc.


A word from the petition's sponsor, I Stop Violence Ministries Inc.  ("ISVMI").  While it's a statistical fact guns are the man-made weapon most often used in the black-on-black murders, guns do not have violence in them.  It's an absolute truth that media violence is the dominant cause of black-on-black murder.  The spirit of murder thy brother and hate thy sister present in the gangsta rap music is not protected by free speech.  The one and only way to STOP THE VIOLENT ACTS from coming out in our villages is to STOP THE THOUGHTS, LYRICS, AND IMAGES OF VIOLENCE from going into the mind and heart of our children, youth, and young adult.

I Stop Violence Product Ministry - I Stop Violence Ministries Incorporated (ISVMI) is a domestic nonprofit; incorporated in the State of California. ALL proceeds from sales of I Stop Violence products are used solely for the purpose of moving forward with the vision/mission - -  bring down the walls of media violence.

Operation Like Lightning - Urgent Call for Kingdom treaders to join the 24-7 battle plan and wage war against the serpents and scorpions of violence and witchcraft.

Murder By Entrainment-Weapons Not Made With Hands
An unveiling of the weapon -- not made with hands -- that's being used to trigger villager youth to murder thy brother IN COLD BLOOD, hate village mothers,  grandmothers, sisters, and vilify thy village. (Excerpt from soon to be released e-book, Murder By Entrainment, by ISVMI's CEO, Billie Stoker).

2nd Annual I Silence Media Violence Essay Contest
Knowledge as to the magnitude and effect of media violence going in, is power against the prevalence and dominant cause of violent acts coming out.