Ban the toxic supplements.

Anthony Carter
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Petition started; Sept 2016

Petition addressed to; Men and Women of sexual maturity

A lose of sex drive is said to be affecting as many as 1 in 5 men and even more in women.

There can be many source to the lowered libido. It can be related to emotional circumstances such as stress, from a professional or personal source, it can come from relationship issues, anxiety, exhaustion/fatigue, depression. It can also be an effect from outside sources brought into your body, such as alcohol or drugs, medicines, treatments and contraceptives can also be one of these outside source. It could also be a natural source, such as your hormonal levels as everyone has highs and lows throughout their lives, getting older is also a natural source that affects a huge number of people. There are a few people whose lowered sex drive is a side effect to a medical problem such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others.

For most people the lose of their libido is only temporary, but there are supplements available for those who wish to still stay active in these periods of time or for those whose temporary period is for longer than anticipated.

This petition is to stop the big pharmaceutical companies from steamrolling the release of good natural healthy supplements like Spanish Fly Pro, not filled with their toxic man made, money making chemicals.Check out this link to know more about healthy suppliments.

So no to the toxic supplement

Say yes to helping your lowered libido the healthy way.