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Feb 16, 2021, the Youtuber, Sof Loves Gaming created a video named "LIZZY WINKLE IS KILLING ROYALE HIGH PLAYERS!

you can see how WRONG this is. Lizzy Winkle has sadly passed away and for her to disturb her death is the grossest thing a person can do. Lizzy did not deserve what happened to her and she is making a joke out of it for clout is the most disgusting and thing a person can do. Sof says in the video, "Lizzy Winkle is alive (which she is not.) She is also giving the official RH account a bad rep by stating and MOCKING Lizzy's death by saying the official RH account on Twitter states that she is in fact alive and is well. Not to mention, she is stating that Lizzy WILL kill you. Sof could be scaring children like this and she did it for clout. And she is profiting off of this young girls death by saying, "Subscribe or Lizzy will be under your bed." Now, you might be wondering how I know she profits off these videos.

From what I see from her channel, she has videos about Lizzy and other Youtubers I will go over in a moment. Now, she has in fact sexualized a 18 year old girl which is Lizzy. Her video "Lizzy Twerks" shows Lizzy Winkle's avatar "twerking" to a inappropriate song. She uses Lizzy as a prime source as fame. She consistently jokes about Lizzy's death and nothing has been done

As there isn't much to disclose on her profiting off a child's death, we will move onto the blatant fat-shaming and how transphobic and racist Sof is. Sof is racist towards the African/Black Community and shames their culture. Honestly disgusting.

The fact she has the audacity to shame their culture is just disgusting. Moving on, she fat-shames the chubbier community. In her Discord Server, if you leave or muted, you get called fat. And then she makes fun of it and that is not right. Sof also profits off RH Dior and callmehhaley and other youtubers. Such as (Flamingo, ItsFunneh, and even popular KPOP groups for some reason?) please I IMPLORE you to report her and get her terminated. thank you

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