Ban Shipments of Tar Sands and Explosive Shale Oil

Lisa Marie  Jacobs
Lisa Marie Jacobs 17 Comments
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We, the undersigned, oppose the federal government's decision to allow shipments of non-buoyant oil and explosive shale oil without viable spill response plans. Our National Contingency Plan was last updated over 20 years ago, and it lacks protocol to address tar sands oil, dilbit, Bakken shale, and variations of these products. We are concerned that none of the current shippers of these products have response plans that will work in spill emergencies. Emergency regulations have been passed to make shipments safer, but nothing has been done to ensure protection of the public and our workers during spill response. We demand that the EPA immediately bans shipments of non-buoyant oil and shale oil until EPA undertakes a comprehensive revision of our National Contingency Plan, including a public comment period.



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