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Have you ever just stop and looked at what surrounds us everyday. that EVERYONE does EVERY day of EVERY year, for roughly the past 120 years now. But yet we don't even notice the great danger were putting our environment, our wild life and animals in. How much of a unnecessary higher risk of death and danger were causing to our environment and animals for our own selfish ways of living. Well if you haven't guessed already what that may be, its PLASTIC! KILLING a estimate of 1.1 MILLION sea birds and animals every year... just because of us mankind, how sad is that, they suffer because of us, because we want to double bag our groceries so they don't break, but yet when we get home we don't even throw it away in the proper place where it belongs, we just trash it, instead of RECYCLE. but yet Mother nature still suffers to this day because we are just too lazy to make it to the next trash can when were on walks, car rides, or even a day at the dock, we just carelessly toss plastic, not even caring at all of the harm its doing to our own and only home Earth. the damage its causing, the carbon levels rising just because of us.but yet to this day we don't even notice, we just still go on about our days. but there is a way to help save our planet and to help start the awareness of what plastic is really doing to our world, we should start by getting rid of plastic bags removing them from all stores and getting plastic bans going in your local community.(message your local counsillor ward office to take action regarding to plastic bans !), Each year an estimated 500 BILLION to 1 TRILLION plastic bags are consumed worldwide. but yet still billions are ending up being littered each year. please help me spread this message and please SHARE if you care for mother nature and wanna help make a difference.

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