Ban Megan Fox from acting in movies!

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I know, I know, The words Acting and Megan Fox do not belong in the same sentence so I ask for forgiveness on that.

With that said once again she has joined forces with he who shall not be named to ruin our childhoods and frankly I am sick of it. We must protect future generations of fans from the level of damage she is able to inflict upon an audience before they grow up thinking that THIS is what an actress is.

Of course I know that legally there is nothing we can do to actually stop her reign of terror but I can still hope that if nothing else this sends a message the we will no longer tolerate her!

Join me my fellow Geeks, Nerds, Otaku, Gamers, Writers, Artists, etc etc before she get's cast as Cheetara or Jem or some other character we grew up loving that she will surely destroy like Lucas destroyed his own universe!



August 11
We are now live!




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