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BAN MALI AND BLOO #MakeBuzzenGreatAgain

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This is a petition, a plea, to remove Mali and Bloo from chat. They are single handedly destroying the chatroom and ruining everyone elses chat experience. New users join only to see them spitting outlandish venom, hatred and jealousy and choose to leave right away. It is a constant bombardment of complete and utter bullshit directed at anyone and everyone that they have decided is somehow beneath them. Users are leaving en masse to get away from their tirades. They take over the entire room until it is filled with nothing but the two of them bashing and making absurd claims at whomever the victim/victims of the hour is. They have even gone as far as to make threats and terrible accusations against the children of other chatters. This has to stop now. We have banded together against the MaliBloo menace and desire action. For the sake of chat in general, BAN THEM. This is not a joke or meant to be funny. This is a genuine petition to make chat usable for all again.

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