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This petition is to ban a player that is detrimental to COTH and is not bringing anything to the server, the player known as LostStranger. The GMs continue to ignore what he does, and some even support what he does. He has broken rules 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, in addition to having a character that is a noble without a special profile and disrupting an event. In addition, he has also maintained a cult under the name house whiteshore, with several GMs in it who know what goes on, and has participated in RPs such as rape, torture, public beatings, stalking ICly and OOCly, harassment ICly and OOCly, (both internet stalking and harassment are now illegal under 47 U.S.C. ยง 223 "US Federal Anti-Cyber-Stalking law." He has also created a new character to avoid any more scrutiny and to avoid being banned. These players have signed this petition under their own will, and by signing it they state that they do not wish to have LostStranger to continue to play on our server.

In addition, we also demand that new rules be put in to prevent such things from happening again. A suggestion we have is to have a trial time, and then mandatory grunthood after a reasonable amount of time, including a posted profile. We also demand that all alts be posted on the players profile so as to truly know who we are RPing with.




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