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Using animals in the form of entertainment is usafe and unethical. The animals are abused and neglected; their lives are only full of PAIN and SUFFERING. This causes them severe psychological disorders that are very detrimental to the well being of the animals as well as to the safety of any and all spectators including the trainers. The animals are forced to perform even when the corporations responsible are fully aware that the animals are carrying diseases like tuberculosis. Not follwing the recommendation of their own vetrinarians the corporations jeopardize the health of the wild animals but also the public which involve many young children. Since the 1990's, circus animals have been responsible for possibly over 100 human deaths and injuries. These tragedies happen because of the stress that these wild animals face on a daily basis. The animals tolerate abuse and being beaten with sharp hooks from a young age which causes these extremely sensetive wild animals to develop phsychological issues. Wild animals are not meant to be in close contact with humans. We, the undersigned, are aware of the moral and public safety issues faced with using wild animals. We are asking that all live animal circuses are banned.




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