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lets ban i.x.l. and give kids a better life.

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hey i´m Kelly Roberts, i´m trying to ban i.x.l. .not many children like it and i don´t like i.x.l. either.its like baldi´s basics because if we get a question wrong we get punished and they seriously don´t even teach us what we have done wrong. its not fair! it has a yearly fee of $79.00 per child.

its a stupid website and it deserves to be banned. the site makes kids makes me mad and frustrated. the time i have wasted on i.x.l. were very sad times.

when a child gets an answer right it says they don´t .its a dumb website for your child. my sister does not like i.x.l. either. i mean, who likes i.x.l.? not me, not me that´s for does not teach children anything. all it does is punish them.

nobody likes a sad or depressed child so ban i.x.l. this is a way you can help your child by signing this petition.we need 10 people to sign so please sign to save your child from depression, frustration ,and madness.

Thank you for reading this. sign the petition and we will be a person away from banning i.x.l. for good. have a good day. sign this petition for a better life for your child.

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