Ban high waist womens clothes!

Dave Rit
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This petition is to request an international ban on the return of high waist pants, shorts, and skirts forever from women attire. They are from a bygone era and they need to be gone forever!




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    anonymous United States, Redondo Beach
    Jan 04, 2017
    Jan 04, 2017
    its not just womens clothes but for mens clothes too that dont need to be high rise attire! this is not fair to people who need to wear low rise clothes especially when their stomach stick out that they needed low rise bottoms. i wear men's trousers and they fit me fine plus i am transgender male that i can't wear tight fitting clothes any longer. my stomach sticks out and i do wear mens trousers that fit me but it had to be low raise. i have been wearing low raise clothes for so long.


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    anonymous United States
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    David R United States
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