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Ban fishing at The Village San Juan

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While there is a history of fishing at The Village, it has become abundantly clear that this privilege is being abused and fishing should not be allowed at the ponds. A moratorium was placed on fishing for over a year while the ponds were repaired, allowing turtles, ducks, and koi to not fear a human presence at the edge of the pond. Residents could enjoy peaceful strolls as wildlife fearlessly swam alongside walkers.

Fishing was reinstated beginning September 1, 2020, since which time numerous cases of wildlife abuse have been recorded by concerned residents. Residents have provided the attached pictures, showing turtles being hooked, the lines cut, and thrown back to die. Fish being removed from the ponds and thrown on the ground or damaged to the point of death before release. Ducks being harmed to the point of needing veterinary care or hooked with fishing lures and left to fend for themselves. It is critical that fishing at The Village San Juan be stopped immediately to prevent further abuse of wildlife and preserve the lives of the turtles, ducks, and fish that call the ponds at The Village home.

  • Picture 1 shows a turtle with a hook through its right eye and right front foot, which was found stuck to vegetation on the bottom of the pond by the line still attached. This turtle was brought to the home of a resident, who carefully removed the hook, monitored the turtle for damage, then returned the turtle to the pond.
  • Picture 5 shows a turtle who has swallowed a hook and only has the remaining bit of line sticking out of its mouth. This turtle was brought to a vet by a concerned resident who found it, not the careless “fisherman” who caught the turtle, cut the line, and threw it back to die.
  • Picture 2 shows the results of turtles who aren’t so lucky to be found by concerned residents – decapitated and floating in the pond.
  • Picture 3 shows the results of catch-and-release at the ponds. A fish with line still attached, floating dead at the surface of the pond.
  • Picture 7 shows a large dead fish carelessly dumped in the bushes 2 blocks from the pond. Clearly a violation of the catch-and-release policy with such callousness for taking a life for no purpose at all.
  • Picture 4 shows a duck with blood coming out of its nose and bill. Animal control officers had to be called to apprehend the duck so that it could receive medical attention.
  • Picture 5 shows a wild, native duck with a bright yellow fishing lure protruding from its chest. A resident found this duck trying to pull the lure out of its own chest, to no avail. With about 4 feet of line still attached, the resident watched as the duck struggled to fly away. This duck still has not received the medical attention it requires or has succumb to its injuries.
  • Picture 6 shows an inexperienced or uninformed “fisherman” using bread as bait.

All of these pictures were taken between September 1st and September 27th – less than one full month since fishing has been reinstated at The Village. More concerning is the fact that these incidents are likely not a comprehensive list of violations of HOA policy and abuse of wildlife.

Please add your signature to support the ban of fishing at The Village San Juan and let our HOA know that the residents of The Village don’t support the needless abuse of wildlife that share our home.

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