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Ban Eugenia Cooney off YouTube and other social media

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ATTENTION: This is not hateful. I don't hate Eugenia. I wish her the best. I truly believe that banning her off of social media will help her in the right direction. Her being anorexic is not the problem, I am fully aware that it's a mental disorder and she can't help it. She can, however, stop showing off on social media. Eugenia is clearly aware of the fact that she's dangerously underweight, but she still continues to show off on Youtube and other social media, even though she knows how her malnourished body will affect her subscribers/followers. She makes a lot of "Outfit try on hauls", which is not wrong itself. The thing that disgusts me is the fact that she's showing off her body for attention. She ignores all the comments telling her to gain weight. She clearly loves the attention she gets when people tell her she's thin, which will only motivate her to get even more skinnier.

Eugenia should seek professional help, but that's not our choice to make. However, it's our duty to make Youtube a safe place for people - especially young girls. Her videos influence a lot of young girls and I've heard LOTS of stories about young girls who would stop eating because they wanted to look like her. This is DANGEROUS and should NOT be allowed on social media. It's an evil cycle. She will post a video - People are going to give her attention and tell her she lost weight - It will trigger and motivate her to continue her weightloss. As it looks now, the cycle will stop as her heart stops. I don't want that to happen. She's a sweet and beautiful girl who needs help.

Pro-ana accounts on Instagram gets deleted and banned, so why shouldn't Eugenia be banned?

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