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Ban BSL's Across The US!

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    We are petitioning you to make BSL's across the United States from border to border, illegal, Dissolving already standing BSL's within our borders.  Banning a breed just for its specific group is like the old south used to do banning blacks from equal rights to education and health care due to their color. A dog is not bad because of its breed, but because of the owner, or SOMETIMES prior owners treatment , although we have all seen how many fighting dogs recovered, and were fine once removed from their vicious inhumane environment and given time to heal and how many are trusting loving dogs. Some even now therapy dogs helping humans. Look at the Vick Dogs, How many were put down out of his 67??  2 were put down, the rest are functioning in society as great dogs.  All dogs can bite, many reported bites from pit bulls were totally misidentified breed wise. Many blown up by media that were not even related breeds. As strong faithful dogs they make excellent assistance dogs, but BSL interferes daily with productive work when dependent people can not travel in work due to the very real threat of their partners being impounded and killed because of their breed.

       BSL's are programs that does not work, cost tax payers millions, and does not control the population it's targeted for.  All BSL's do is separate families, Taking loving dogs out of good homes, that are law abiding citizens.  BSL's are like Gun Ban's, who would end up with all the guns??  Please consider our plea, and return to our country the right to have the pets we want.  Make our country what it's suppose to be, "The Land Of The Free."

Don't hurt the voiceless many by laws that cost our country money, and trusted family members and working partners.

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