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Ban animal testing!

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The term ‘Animal testing’ refers to the procedures done on living animals for the purpose of testing biology, diseases and the effectiveness of cures/medical procedures. All these procedures are to test the safety of the product/procedures for the consumers' health/safety. They do it on animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and more as they all have similar body types and characteristics to humans. This allows researchers to get an idea of how the human body would react to the experiments. Although all this is done for the safety of the public it also comes with a negative side which is the pain and deaths of innocent animals.

Sadly, only three percent of animals that go into animal testing survive the tests and processes. This results in the estimate that globally around 500,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics each year, this doesn’t even include testing for other purposes! At the end of some tests, the animals are killed, normally by asphyxiation, neck-breaking or decapitation. Every second an animal dies due to animal testing and the saddest part is that pain relief is not provided. It has also been proven that these tests are useless as the results in experiments have shown unreliable results multiple times.

Also, typically, facilities that engage in animal testing not only dispose of animals, but also dispose of potentially dangerous chemicals, food waste, and a variety of supplies used during the testing process. This results in environmental exposure to toxic chemicals, diseases, and other risks.

Most of the time we don’t want to support animal testing but do without knowing by supporting brands that use animal testing. Here is a list of brands that don’t use animal testing in South Australia.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Australian Native Botanicals
Avalon Organics
Brooklan Tree
Byron Nature’s Gift
Clean Conscience
Cotton On
David Jones Beauty
Eco Logic Cosmetics
Eco Tan
Ere Perez
Herbal Essences
JOLI Natural Skincare
Kat Von D Beauty
Little Innoscents
My Lip Stuff
Muk Haircare
Nude by Nature
Opulence Cosmetics
Original Mineral
Positively Organic Skincare
RJ Mineral Cosmetics
St. Ives
The Body Shop
Too Faced
Zuii Organic

Here are some more brands that dont test:


Now although some individual brands don't test the companies that own them might use animal testing other brands they own. Which either way is supporting animal testing. Here are some examples of companies that test on animals for some of the brands they own and don't for others. The owner of L'oreal owns a variety of different brands that test and don’t test on animals. L’oreal owns brands such as Maybelline that do test on animals, but they also own kiehls that don’t test on animals. This shows how sneaky companies can be, and that you need to be aware of brands that do and don’t and who owns the brand.

So, if you would like to make a change firstly make sure you check to see if what brands you are buying from test or not and if there sister companies test as well. Secondly, stop supporting those brands that do test on animals and spread awareness on the topic and lastly sign this petition and send it to family and friends!

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