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Ban AEldr_Halvdan_DK aka FDR_Halvdan_DKMC and all his other alias

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Friends in RLC, I have organized this petition to attempt to get Utherverse to see that Halvdan is creating havoc inside RLC and outside. Many have reported him for multiple accounts, for threats, for harassment but nothing has been done. If you block him he uses one of his alternate accounts to go after you. He uses facebook, skype, emails to get to people. If you at any time have been harassed by or threatened by Halvdan please sign this petition. We are attempting to get him banned from RLC to make RLC back into the enjoyable site it was created for. We come here for fun and friends and should be able to enjoy that time without harassment from Halvdan. He has violated the Rules of Conduct on many occasions.

5. Griefing.

This includes intentional unwanted aggressive behavior or harassment which diminishes the enjoyment of other members through use of offensive language and actions. This may be conversation on the 3D client, comments made in the forums or profiles. Basically, you are obligated to not make the experience of other users worse because of your behavior.

1st offense:
is a verbal/email warning and region reset to TC or WC
2nd offense:is a kick with up to (a time span determined by offense) (**).
3rd offense:is a minimum 24 hour ban, optional cancellation (*) of account.

1. When using the Service, you will not harm other members. You will not harass, bully, intimidate, threaten, or stalk any member, or make rude, insulting or defamatory remarks about any member, including deceased members recognized in the Memorial Gardens or do anything else that a person, acting reasonably would consider harmful. The VWW and the Service are virtual versions of the real world, including its standards of behavior. You are not allowed to do anything to another user of the Service that would be illegal if done in the non-virtual world. You are prohibited from using the Service for an unlawful purpose or to take an action for the primary purpose of reducing the enjoyment of the Service by another user.

5. You will not attempt to sign up for more than five accounts without obtaining written permission from us. Holding multiple accounts may result in restrictions on the maximum number of Rays that can be earned for certain activities whether daily, by account, or in the aggregate, and/or in restrictions on the transfer of Rays. If you do have more than one account, you may not take any steps to hide the relationship between those accounts from us. Although other things also constitute hiding the relationship between accounts, using different names or contact information for different accounts always constitutes hiding the relationship between accounts

Please sign using your RLC name.

Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me Dea_Baby_RBC in pm or email at any time.

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