Balance Budget Admendment

Brian Kethley
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If National Budget Results in Expenses Exceeding Income that all Government Officials that have voting power over nation budget will be Subject to Sec 1A until Budget is compliance with Sec 2A. Once in Compliance With Sec 2A Government May sell Property/Print money not for purpose balancing Current or Future budgets. 

Sec 1A
*All Income/earning will be tax That Year until rate of Poverty and go to pay off the National Debt or be subject to laws of Tax Evasion. 
*Become ineligible/excluded from Government Subsidized Programs. 

 Sec 2A
 *Budget Must be Balanced or that Income Exceeds expenses.
 *Must not be Taking out Loans,Sell land, or Print Money.

 It is Congress/Administrations Job to Balance the budget and provide better future for America. One suggestion stop giving guns to Al Qaeda like you did on 12th anniversary of 9/11, and stop spending it on useless crap.




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