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Columbus Day Should We Celebrate? By Mateusz Kaczynski Columbus Day should we celebrate it? The answer is no. We shouldn't celebrate it because he is not the same person in the jingle we sang in kindergarten. He is a modern villain like Sadam Hussein look like a pale codfish. If he were a live today we would be on a death row awaiting execution. Columbus Day was invented by the knights of Columbus. They though he was a catholic hero a role model their kids could look up to. They wanted to honor this courageous explorer. I mean Columbus wasn't even the first European to discover America, the Viking Leif Ericsson was. Anyway, the Native Americans discovered North America about 14,000 years before columbus was even born. When Columbus met the native americans he noticed they were nice and hardworking so he immediately seized their land for spain and enslaved them to work in his brutal gold mines. Because of that in 2 years half the population of the original natives on the island were dead. Shockingly, columbus supervised the selling of native girls into sexual slavery. He also forced these peaceful natives to work in his gold mines until they died of exhaustion. Because of this 100 of them committed mass suicide. On his second trip to the new world, columbus brought cannons and attack dogs. He did this so if natives resisted the dogs would bite off something. Columbus also ordered soldiers to behead or rape 3000 native people. Columbus got most of his income from slavery. Columbus' reign of terror is one of the darkest chapters in our history. I mean there are so many other people that we can Celebrate instead of this baboon. For example, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis of Assisi or Betty Williams.




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