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Petition for Justice for Baby P and Baby Briana

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Baby Briana - Feb. 14, 2002 - July 19, 2002 The autopsy of 5-month-old Brianna Lopez revealed she had suffered abuse most of her short life in what deputies say is one of the worst cases of child abuse they have ever seen. Her parents are among those charged with her death. Brianna was pronounced dead Friday morning at Memorial Medical Center after she was rushed there when attempts to revive her failed. Friday night, police arrested Briannas parents, Stephanie Lopez, 19, and Andy Walters, 21, and uncle, Steven Lopez, 19. They each are charged with child abuse resulting in death. Walters also was charged with criminal sexual penetration of the baby. The autopsy revealed a long list of injuries that appeared to have been inflicted over an extended period of time upon the little girl who was born on Valentines Day. On Monday, Miranda detailed the multiple injuries found on the babys body. He said Brianna had 11 human bite marks in varied stages of healing, multiple bruises, fractures to two right ribs, three skull fractures, swelling of the brain and signs of shaken baby syndrome. Brianna also had fractures to both legs, an injury experts say is commonly caused by picking up the child with a quick, jerking motion by the legs. Walters admitted to biting Brianna, but said he "did not take a chunk out of her." Stephanie Lopez also bit and pinched her when she became frustrated with Brianna. Walters and Steven Lopez were drinking beer Thursday night when they began to toss Brianna into the air, hitting her head on the ceiling and at least twice failing to catch her before she hit the floor. Stephen Lopez had drunk 10 beers. Stephanie Lopez said she had about three beers, then fell asleep. The next morning, she found Brianna on the floor and was unable to wake her. Walters said when Stephanie Lopez asked what happened to Brianna, he told her "we played a little rough with her last night." Baby Peter Connelly - March 1, 2006 - August 3, 2007 When the infant known in court only as Baby P was brought home from hospital days after his birth in March 2006, it was as a bubbly, blue-eyed boy with the first signs of curly blond hair. He was, according to those who came into contact with him, a lively child with a ready smile. After 17 months enduring abuse of an almost unimaginable cruelty, the boy had been reduced to a nervous wreck, his hair shaved to the scalp and his body covered in bruises and scabs. Physical injuries included eight broken ribs, a broken back and the missing top of a finger, while the emotional damage was almost incalculable. Despite it all, Baby P was said to have still attempted a smile. Baby P's life in a council flat in Haringey, North London, began with gradual and growing neglect at the hands of his mother, who would leave him unattended for hours in his cot. The overweight woman, who had never had a full-time job and spent hours trawling the internet for pornography, split from the boy's natural father when he was 3 months old after affairs with two men. When the second lover moved in, Baby P's suffering increased dramatically. While his mother gossiped with friends in online chat rooms, her boyfriend took to beating the boy, swinging him around by the neck or legs and pinching him. The man forced Baby P to follow commands like a dog. At the click of a finger he would have to sit with his head bent between his legs; 20 minutes later a second click would be the signal that he could sit upright again. A second man, Jason Owen, also subjected the boy to similar abuse. The mother admitted her guilt at an earlier hearing. Police were told that the boyfriend, a 32-year-old collector of Nazi memorabilia, wanted to "toughen him up". Other routines included placing the baby on a stool and spinning it around until he fell off. The authorities had first voiced concerns about possible abuse by October 2006, when a GP noticed marks on the boy. But his mother, in the first of many episodes of deception and false reassurances, insisted she had found that his skin "bruised easily". Two months later the GP sent the pair to the Whittington Hospital, North London, after inspecting a head injury. Insisting that her child was "a head-banger" fond of "rough and tumble play", the mother claimed that fingermarks were merely the result of when he was caught after being lovingly held and thrown into the air. Social services were informed and visited the flat, which was found to be dirty, untidy and smelling of urine. They learnt that it was shared with the boy's grandmother and three dogs, including a rottweiler, but remained unaware that it also harboured a violent boyfriend. They decided to let the child stay with a family friend while police inquiries continued. A month later, in January 2007, with no decision made on any charge against either woman, the boy was allowed back home. As he grew too old for milk and jars of baby food, Baby P scavenged bits of broken biscuits from older children and was even seen eating dirt in the garden. Detectives found that after the boyfriend moved in there was not one piece of the boy's clothing that was not spattered with blood. Baby P received a fatal blow to his mouth, knocking a tooth out. After 17 months of agony, the tiny child finally succumbed. The next day he was found dead in his cot.


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