Abolish Philippine Pork Barrel PDAF-volunteer signup

Mike Acuna
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2 Signatures Goal: 5,669,400

   Under the Initiative and Referendum Act. RA6753 of the Republic of the Philippines, the people can be asked to vote for or against a law in a referendum, when: 

  1.  10% of Registered Voters have signed the petition 
  2.  3% of every Legislative District is represented in the petition 

   This petition is for, by way of people's initiative on statutes of RA6753, the abolishment of the Priority Development Assistance Fund allotments of the Senate and House of Representatives under the General Appropriations Act, and the barring of future funds outside of an established budget for the administration of the legislative functions of the Senate and Congress. 

   For the Comelec to proceed, the petition needs at least 10% of Registered Voters Nationwide(5,669,400 signatories) and at least 3% of registered voters from each Legislative District must sign the petition before a referendum will be processed by the Comelec.





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