Austin Mahone Come To Scotland

Cian Gullen
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As you all probably know, Austin Mahone is a 17 year old singer from the US. He's beento the UK before but he only went to London. This petition is to see if we can get him to Scotland the next time he's here.

Some mahomies can't raise the funds to get down to London (especially those in rural areas) as the travel is very pricey. Places like Aberdeen and Inverness are much too far away from London and the train fare would be extortionate. Other places don't even have railway links which means they'd have to travel to the nearest city adding the fuel costs to the already hugh price.

Please sign this! And tweet it to Austin, Mama, Dave or anyone else who can make this a reality. Even if you don't live in Scotland or the UK, help us out #mahomiesgohard!





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