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Tens of thousands of people who have or now own the Audi A6 brand from at least the years 2000 - 2012 have had to pay for the steering column module/transponder to be replaced. The watchdogs for auto recalls must be turning a blind eye to this defect. The repair that should now be a recall has cost tens of thousands of owners around 2000 dollars to have this fixed. It is a safety sensitive item and can be dangerous depending on when the module goes bad. Yes I said when it goes bad. I have looked at how many have had to pay for this defect, because I am now faced with this same defect on my wife's 2005 A6 Quattro. It is unbelievable that it has not been a recall.

I am asking now to help make Audi responsible for this defect before we see Audi's record profits in Forbes or other magazines, for forcing us to cover Audi's mistakes. Please sign the petition calling out Audi to make the defective repair a recall like it should have been all along.
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