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Attention Disney Mobile: Please fix Star Wars Commander

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First off let me go ahead and let you know that Star Wars Commander is an awesome mobile game. It gives us the opportunity to play as either A member of the Rebel Alliance or as the Empire. We actually do enjoy seeing some of the old classic characters from Star Wars and also seeing the new characters from Star Wars. As this game has developed, it has by far exceeded the expectations of some, but with true greatness, there are some flaws and we are asking that is gamers on this application to please fix some of these issues if not all of these issues. Most of the issues are listed below.

Base Score: matching opponents through base scores is really not a good idea. Some of us that are of low levels have been decimated by the opponent of a high-level. And then when we try to seek revenge we either get blown out or they are always underneath some type of protection. We believe that in order to attack opponents, it would be best that if we attacked opponents of the same level. That way it gives those that are on the lower levels a chance, and actually gives those individuals of the high levels a chance as well. It is not fair having somebody that is at the level 8 walking right on the end and taking all the resources and destroying a level 6 and taking the medals. Can you please adjust that.

Troops: it is really not fair that if somebody had their defenses up and they were attacked by somebody that only uses one hero and seven troops and completely destroys a base. Now I understand it that the heroes are who they are, they are heroes, but there is no way shape or form that six other troops could walk right on in and destroy an entire base. I have seen when six rebel troopers walked right on into my level 5 base and walk right on up my defenses are attacking them and none of them die.

Healers: this is a real hot issue right here. Last time I checked on both the rebels and of the Empire, there were some type of healer or Bedick droids to help heal the troops. The rebel alliance has a healer trooper that could heal 3,4, or even 5 troops at once, but when it comes to the empire, the repair droids can only repair one troop at a time. Plus the rebels when they are being attacked can target the repair droids first and then destroy the mechanized unit that the repair droid was trying to repair, but when it comes to the empire, they cannot attack the healer droids they can only attack the troops. Also on the rebel side, the healer droids have an awesome defense compared to the medic the droids of the empire.

Confused Heroes: last year we had a problem in which the HERO ATAT would dance all around the board and not even fire any ammunition at the rebel forces, and you will see that y'all were going to fix it. I believe that instead of fixing it, the problem has gotten worse. The range of fire for the HERO ATAT has diminished and whenever they are going to attack a shield, in order to attack the shield they have to be right up on it. I could understand that if it was a regular ATAT, but come on this is a HERO, and it is supposed to be piloted by some of the best troops the Empire has.

Smart vs Dumb: now I have communicated with other individuals from both sides of the force spectrum, and they have stated that they have some type of dumb troops. We were just wondering what type of adjustments can you all make, because it seems like troops from both sides are wall destroyers instead of base destroyers like they should be.

Campaigns: how can somebody beef up their defense systems? Let me guess they should go ahead and spend as much money as possible. Now I understand that in this game there are some people that have somebody that they contribute to help build up their defense systems, but there are others that cannot play on a daily basis so they try their best to save up as much as they can, and then all of a sudden here comes the campaign or a PVP mission. You should give us an opportunity if a campaign or a PVP event is going on to either participate or not. I could understand the campaigns, but for the PVP modes? Also you should let the squads launch the attacks. Put squad versus squad PVP.

Now I understand that there will be others that also have issues, and that is understandable and I actually hope that they can add their issues as well. We are going to try our best to get as many people as possible so you could try to hear us, because we are falling on deaf ears when we do the emailing. Can you please adjust and fix the bugs?

Also, if you have a chance maybe you could possibly bring in some other type of heroes like Lando or Boba Fett? And also if you could give us an opportunity where we could share resources between members of our squads. Of course limit the amount of resources that we could send to our allies and if possible if somebody is a squad surfer (jumps from one squad to another) that they get penalized because they are stealing resources and troops.

Thank You.

The Representatives of the Imperial Senate
The Represenatives of the Galactic Senate
The Represenatives of the Empire
The Represenatives of the Rebel Alliance

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