Leniency On Man Who Attempted Citizens Arrest Now Charged With 2nd Degree Murder

Adriana Morón
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Luis Ricardo Hernandez has been charged with second degree murder on Jan. 4, 2013. This incident occurred after an attempt of a citizen’s arrest on the man he believed was burglarizing the communities of Orvieto Family Apartments and Summer Breeze Apartments. Being an employee of ROEM Corporation, Mr. Hernandez was the properties’ maintenance worker. He was protecting his place of work and the safety of his community. 

Mr. Hernandez is known as a hardworking man. He was always willing to help others. Mr. Hernandez’s great sense of humor, generosity, and kindness has made him an individual who is appreciated by many people. Mr. Hernandez is a good citizen without a criminal record who doesn’t deserve life imprisonment for trying to protect his safety and the safety of others from a career criminal offender. 

By signing this petition, I agree that Mr. Hernandez deserves leniency or dismissal of these charges set on him by the District Attorneys’ Office of Santa Clara County.