AT&T U Verse Internet and TV Service/s

Edward H. Hartnett Jr.
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My name is Edward Hartnett, and my wife and I are tired of substandard U Verse internet and TV service by AT&T, not performing as we were led to believe it would, by AT&T.

We have recently, end of March and first part of April 2014, been told by AT&T's own home inside and outside installation and wiring technicians, the reason our U Verse internet service (we have had it since Nov. 2011) has had intermittent problems, slow download speed, lost service, etc., was we didn't have a home run, dedicated line, run to our home and then another home run inside our home using our primary phone line. AT&T tapped off our upstairs secondary phone line, and did not use our primary line as they were supposed to.

We started AT&T U verse TV service in Nov. 2013, and have had issues as well, and our internet and TV service has now degraded to the point that the internet is not usable most of the day (about the last 3 weeks) and the TV has a hard time allowing channel changes, etc. We have filed a complaint to the BBB, FTC and sent a letter detailing the issues to AT&T's CEO, and still have no answer as to when our system will be fixed.

This has also disrupted our VOIP phone service and another system I won't mention here, for good reasons.

We are asking anyone out there that has had or has AT&T U verse Internet and/or TV service and have had or do have the same type of problem mentioned in this Petition, to please sign it so we can send it to AT&T's CEO, and maybe get AT&T's attention and fix the problem/s with our U Verse services as promised by AT&T.



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