Assistive Technology

Lesley Hollins
Lesley Hollins Marchington, England 4 Comments
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Talking Tape Measure, Talking Multimeter, Audible Spirit level, Talking scales and Kitchen Scales? Would love to be able to replace the ones I have as they are now failing due to age. So took to the website to purchase but hey whats happened ? Theres a three month waiting list for the Tape Measure, the Multimeter is no longer available and neither is the Spirit Level !!! so on I go to the scales, they are shocking what happened to getting hold of a good set of scales with clear speech. I thought the world was supposed to be progressing but apparently not it seems that the blind and visually impaired are still being discriminated against or is it just me. If I could see I could just go to a diy store and get most of these items but no that is not possible for me. Please sign my petition to hopefully get some of these products back for purchase, I really would like to get my stuff replaced before it gives up altogether !!!!!!