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ASPIRE to Perspire!

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The Petition



This is a petition to get free Gym membership & Free Swimming for all Cheshire East Employees’.


As you know, we have been Cheshire East for a year now. I can't speak for everyone, but a lot of staff I know, are still feeling stressed, frustrated and worried because of the reorganisation. 


In the past year, we have had to deal with a global recession and a change in Government to a conservative/lib dem coalition, who have held an emergency budget to deal with this country’s massive debt it has meant that public sector pay has been frozen, which has meant a 'real cut' for public sector workers due to inflation. For many reason's we have seen staff cut's mostly due to the recession creating extra workload and pressures on existing employees. Which unfortunately most of the time this extra workload goes unnoticed or is not appreciated by overworked managers. This pressure’s can and has caused stress related absenteeism and illnesses.  For some of us we are travelling further than ever before, creating further pressures on work life balance, and that's not including the cost in fuel!!!


As stated above we have also been told by the government that there will be a public pay freeze. Ok it's outside of Cheshire East's control. However to promote free gym membership for its employees, is a good way to prove the council serious about it's employee's. Listed below are some benefits and drawbacks of free gym membership for employees. If you have anymore that I have missed, Please email me and I will add them.


Secondly I would also like to point out, that in Cheshire East own Leisure booklet. I quote


 ”Many employers are now seeing the benefits of investing in their staff by enabling them to pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle"


So why o why are Cheshire East not giving this away free or at a heavily reduced rate??



  Possible Benefits of free gym membership


 Could bring about less day's lost in sickness. 


 Staff being healthier. Physically and Mentally. So would save the council money in the long due to the reduction in lost output.


 I think that you will agree that sport or physical activity is a good way of relieving stress as well as making you look good and feel good about yourself, therefore creating a happy employee, therefore bring about more output per worker.


Can improve an employee’s ability to cope with stress.


 It also set's a good example to the public, if staff are prepared to use there own leisure centres. Which make's Cheshire East look good!!! - I have spoken to Cheshire East Leisure staff and because at the moment there is no discount for employees they are going to privately owned gyms. This is Crazy!!!


 Extra revenue could be generated due to secondary spending, for example more people using vending machine's or other leisure services such as Gym Courses such as spinning etc and using the squash courts.


Free Or discounted gym membership, may attract more higher skilled workers, therefore in theory improve council standards



Possible Drawbacks for free membership


 Lost revenue ? Maybe, however it is more than likely a member of staff would bring a friend or family member, because a lot of people, don't like to go the gym on there own. Therefore increasing revenue.



Thank you for listening




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