Ask Judge Abramson To Resign After Hateful Statement

Melanie Ross-Brady
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I am a Copblock member and a very hateful statement was made by one Judge Abramson to a Law Enforcement Officer on April 22, 2014. Judge Abramsom who sits on the bench at Hillsborough Superior Court- North here in Manchester, NH stated that "all Copblockers must die and they are lower than scum".

This is not the first time Judge Abramson has made a hateful statement against certain groups or defendants. (ex: Spader, Ademo Freeman, etc.).

Please sign this petition. Once enough signatures have been signed, this petition will be printed and mailed to Judge Abramson and the Attorney General's Office along with a letter asking that a complete investigation be opened into Judge Abramson's behavior while on the bench.



April 24
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  • Melanie Ross-Brady
    Melanie Ross-Brady United States, Manchester
    Apr 24, 2014
    Apr 24, 2014
    when this judge issues a sentence she tells the defendant they are scum and belong buried under the prison not inside and she is happy to lock anyone up even for the least seriuos crime even with a plea deal she adds more time than agreed to in the plea agreement


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