Ask Australia Post to forfeit postage to Refugee camps

Bee Allan
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Please, many of us want to make the lives of refugees more comfortable.While they sit offshore in hell-camps. BUT, when you pay as much for postage, as you do for the products. It makes it impossible for the average person to help these very needy people. Please Australia Post, help us bridge this gap. I paid $ 56.00 to send a product from Sydney, to Nauru. It is part of the Australian territories. This is outrageous. These poor refugees could receive so much more aid if you could lower, or even waive the postage, to such impoverished peoples ????? You are a massive company, that would not be hurt by lifting the postage to just over 2000 refugees. 1/3 rd of which were promised to be released. PLEASE, Have a heart. We are part of the alliance that are waging war in there countries. Even if you just do it for Christmas, would that not make Australia Post, look giving ?