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The Barbers trying to make the cut

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Recent changes to the barbering curriculum could change the barbering field as we know it

As of 12/15/11 the California board of barbers and cosmetologist reduced the required haircuts a student must do from 750 to 80, they add that the 80 cuts can be done on a doll head.

How can that possibly be enough? A person can not even learn the basics of cutting doing 80 haircuts and imagine them never cutting a real head of hair in school.They are eliminating the real life experience and exposure for the students, by eliminating the exposure students get to the variety of clients, hair textures and styles you will see a drop in the quality of the art of haircutting and the retention rate of barbers.

Barbers will not feel confident performing the core service of a barber "cutting hair".Did you know this is the same curriculum cosmetologist have followed for years? Did you know that only 5% of cosmetologist stay in their field? Did you know barbers have an 86% retention rate for 26 years.The barbering field as we know it will become an extinct art that we will only read about in old books or see gimps of in old movies.

Yes this is a minimum requirement but sadly most colleges will settle into doing the bare minimum,knowing that they no longer have to work hard to produce cliental for the student to practice on.

Are you a shop owner? Isn't hard enough hiring new barbers fresh out of school? Doesn't the barber continue to learn as they work in your shop perfecting their technique? Now imagine having to hire a barber who only did 80 cuts in school and possibly never cut a real head. Scary isn't it?Think of the domino effect this will have on our beloved field.

Do you prefer a haircut at a barber shop? You can kiss that classic barber experience good bye. Generations to come will only hear of how it use to be, as it happens with most classic things we reminisce and miss. What's the saying? "If its not broke why fix it?" The way barbers have been taught has proven success for years. Doing it the "Good old way" has worked so why change it?

We ask you join our petition, add your name. Help make the mass in numbers be heard. We request that 750 haircuts on real people be brought back to the barber curriculum in order to fully equip barber students in California for years to come.Let us do our part in conserving a historic field that has a place in many of our hearts.


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