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     All M.P.s and P.M. of India

Subject : way to improve our standards ! way to stop corruption... way to overall progress of the country... Welcome to ArthaKranti!

         ArthaKranti proposal is a designed technical correction that can completely transform the current Indian socio-economic scenario. We firmly believe that implementation of this proposal would enable 'Principled, Prosperous and Peaceful living' for all citizens of our country. 
         In addition to strengthening the Nation internally, this proposal will enable India to realise her potential and command the respect that she deserves internationally. And from such position of strength, we can lead the rest of the world towards the only sustainable possibility - the thought that has been treasured and propounded by India for centuries - ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam' or 'mankind as one big global family'!. 
         We have no doubt that this proposal will be implemented, mainly because of the serious problems demanding resolution. However, rather than wait for this happening after a lot of damage has occurred, we citizens should strive to make it happen as early as possible.
         This endeavour will only become successful when every concerned citizen lends his or her valuable support to this cause and uses every possible means to pressurise the Government through our elected representatives to form a Committee and take this proposal towards implementation. 


 1. Withdrawal of existing taxation system completely – except import duties 

 2. Every transaction routed through a bank will attract a certain deduction (say 2%) as Transaction tax. This is a single point Tax deducted at source. This deduction will be effected on receiving/credits account only. This deducted amount will be credited to different Government levels like Central (say 0.7%), State (say 0.6%), and Local (say 0.35%)

 3. The transacting Bank will also have its share (say 0.35%) since it has a key role to perform.

 4. Withdrawal of high denomination currency (above Rs.50)

 5. Government will make a legal provision to restrict single cash transactions up to a certain limit (say Rs.2000)6. Through a one time Voluntary Disclosure Scheme, all existing high denomination currency is deposited in bank accounts after deduction of Transaction tax in appropriate percentage. 

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  • Ashok Chakravarthy.V
    Ashok Chakravarthy.V India, Hyderabad
    Sep 09, 2014
    Sep 09, 2014
    Our previous Governments are more interested in prosecution of Tax evaders without simplifying the Tax System. I Fully agree with Artha Kranthi
    Proposal. Our only Dynamic Non-Corrupt PM Mr.Narendra Modi can implement. As a citizen of India I am expecting this proposal to take-off as sooner as possible


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    Ashok Chakravarthy.V
    3 years ago
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    Kalkee Avatar India
    7 years ago