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Arsenal fans need to stand up, and have a say. We don't want to see our beloved Arsenal become a feeder club, nor a club that just tries for a top 4 position - We Want More! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION - IT IS TIME FOR AN ARSENAL REVOLUTION! We all know the current problems at the club and on the pitch but the main issue is not Wenger and the current squad but the complete lack of investment in the squad from the current board. When we moved from Highbury we were PROMISED that the profits from the Highbury property development who go into buying world class talent.. The board have simply pocketed the profits and given the scraps to Wenger to try and build a squad with. The current climate of negativity is down to the complete lack of coherent communication between the club and fans What we want: - We want the board to speak up and take action! Everyone's pointing fingers at Wenger but there are still no answers to why we aren't buying or selling the less useful players! We want to be able to compete in the transfer market again! - Negiotiate Ticket Prices to a more affordable level (These categories are ridiculous, other top teams have some of the cheapest ticket prices in the premier league!) A survey carried out by the BBC in October found that Arsenal have the most expensive adult matchday ticket, priced at £126, and season ticket, £1,955, in the Premier League. Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis defended those prices in October, saying: “We have seen ticket prices rise across the game. This is not just a football issue. If you look at the prices of entertainment across the board they have gone up significantly.





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