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I, as an ARSENAL fan for the past 33 years would like to thank Mr Arsen Wenger for what he has done for ARSENAL FC in the past 16 years.
Since 2005 we have gone steadily backwards especially after selling players like RVP, Cesc, Nasri & many more leaving.
The player wanting to exit has not stopped with Sagna, walcott, etc wanting to leave because we all realise that with Mr Wenger not only we will not win anything but his priced 4th place is out of reach.
This year we can feel it even more & i believe that Mr Wenger has been too stubborn & stuck to his way too long by not replacing good & experienced player alike damaging ARSENAL FC.
He has also installed a negative mentality in to the players that losing is ok as long as we finish 4th.
Example, losing League cup final to Birmingham in that way but if we had won that cup it might have all been different.
I appreciate that all Arsenal fans don't feel like i do & i respect that but there are lots of fans who feel the same as me and we want some action taken immediately.
in conclusion, once again thanks Mr Wenger but time to may be go upstairs, i would like all ARSENAL fan that feel like i do to sign this petition to show the owner & boardroom (who are useless) that we care & want a winning team & hopefully we can get someone like Pep Guardiola in.






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