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Arrest Obama and charge with treason against the United States

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This petition is for the sole purpose of arresting Barack Hussein Obama and charging him with the crime(s) of treason against this country.

Definition of treason:the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Obama has done nothing butcontinuously and constantly destroy our country from the inside out. As he continues his rain of terror in his last term in office we need to get him out before he destroys us the rest of the way by giving in to the terroristcountriesand giving them the nuclear weapons that they are requesting.
While he pouts aboutIsraels prime ministers message of peace for his country, Obama sits andnegotiates with terrorists that want nothing more than to see "death to America" What happened to the fact that "we don't negotiate with terrorists"? No, instead Obama has turned a blind eye to this once "always written rule" and we traded 5 hardened terrorist for an American traitor! Last we checked the United States did not negotiate with terrorists no matter what the cause or deal was for. But the rules don't seem to apply to Obama.

Obama care? I thought this was a "free country" where I and my family and fellowAmericanshas the right to choose healthcare if we wanted it or not, not for it to be forced upon us with the threat of a penalty if you do not abide by the government standards. (soundsdangerouslyclose to communism to me)

Obama amnesty? Wants to allowcitizenshipto millions of people who don't belong here and then GIVE them governmentbenefitsas well as allow them not to pay taxes for the first five to seven years that they are in this country.
Lets see who will be the ones to pay for that,surelynot the same government that isallowingit to happen, oh no, all of the current hard working tax payingAmericanswill haveridiculoustax hikes inorderto fit the people for these people to be here that refuse to take the time to speak our language.

These are only a few things, among many that Obama has done thatdeviledand desecrates the veryconstitutionthat he "swore" to uphold and protect he he constantly seems to not be held accountable for these blatant acts of TREASON by congress by either party!

Potentialspeculation of conspirators:Mysteriously 6 wal-marts closed across the country for the same reasoning? One of witch seems to be protected and watched by military forces. Why would a shopping center need militant security? Some people speculate that its possible that Obama may be gearing up for a call of Marshall Law and if that happens then the next election will have norelevance. If marshall law is declared, this means that Obama will stay in the white house for a third term and the upcoming elections for 2016 will be rendered useless.
No more free speech
No more internet
No more free travel
A set curfew will take effect etc...

The reason that the government/congress or even therepublican party has no longer called for his impeachment is that if he is impeached it will give credibility to hispresidencyand all of his laws, rulings and policies will stay in place.Some even speculate that hisimpeachment would make him a martyr.

So therefore, I say that we the people call for his arrest and charge him with treason for crimes against this once great nation. This would mean that all of his policies and procedures and anything he may have done to destroy this country will immediately be overturned and will go back to the nation that we all used to know and love.

Obama care= overturned and gone
Tax hikes= overturned and gone
Illegal amnesty= overturned and gone
Any deal with terrorist leaders= overturned and gone '
witch would also mean any of Michelle's policies would be gone as well such as the horrible things she has been forcing children to eat in school cafeterias.


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