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Change the Florida bicycle definition

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To: Florida Law Makers We, the undersigned, are requesting the State of Florida to change the current definition of the Florida Statue 316.003(2) to read


 “(2) "Bicycle" means: Every vehicle propelled solely by human power, and every motorized bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and a helper motor propelling the vehicle at a speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on level ground upon which any person may ride, having two tandem wheels, and including any device generally recognized as a bicycle though equipped with two front or two rear wheels. The term does not include such a vehicle with a seat height of no more than 25 inches from the ground when the seat is adjusted to its highest position or a scooter or similar device. No person under the age of 16 may operate or ride upon a motorized bicycle. 


Currently upon which city, county, or district you live in will depend on the answer you receive from law enforcement as to the legal operation of the gas powered bicycle. There is only one clear document in the State of Florida that classifies the gas powered bicycle as a “motorized bicycle”. This document is from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motorist Services, Procedure TL-10 page 28. Where stated “The definition of bicycle under s. 316.003(2), F.S., includes motorized bicycles. Bicycles are not registered or titled. Engine kits for bicycles are not new and there are a variety of kits available, however, they remain bicycles after the engine kit is installed.” The statue in the statement does not specifically address gas powered bicycles. There lies the conflict with law enforcement throughout the state. With this new definition the State of Florida will have a standard for the entire state to follow and law enforcement will have clear guidance. By changing the current State Statue to the proposed definition, Florida will have eliminated the conflict and allow citizens to operate this type of transportation in the economic fashion they were designed for. With the ever climbing fuel prices this would be an affordable means of transportation for everyone in the state lessening the dependence on oil allowing citizens the opportunity commute to and from work providing for their familys at an affordable and efficient means. This would also allow for job growth in the state. New small businesses would open and allow new jobs to be created helping the community and state. Sincerely, The Undersigned


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